Photo a Day: January 10th – 13th

Been away from the computer so here’s my photos from the last few days!

jan 10th
Kieran’s Birthday
jan 11th
Candid Coco
jan 12th
On the way to work
Jan 13th
Promo Shots

Photo a Day: January 9th

Not a great one today, 11 hour working days are not good for photos!

I like what this simple shot represents about me though, no matter where I go in the world I’ll be bringing my loved ones along with me (even if just in polaroid form).


jan 9th.jpg

Photo a Day: January 3rd

This should really be called ‘Portrait of a Twenty-Something’. I’ve returned to my flat after the festive period and I’m greeted with the chaos I left it in. My To-Do list for tomorrow simply reads ‘sort your life out’.

In other news, I’m now reunited with my camera so will be able to start doing actual, real photography again. That was supposed to be the point of this project!