Where Is My Mind?

Gasping in the dark
the night is closing in
we lose our sense of self
and feed each other’s sin.

Alone I am a danger
I see the world crack
it splits and opens and pulls me through
my mind is lost in strange taboo.

My chaos is defiant
I revel in the shame
I’m more at home in darkness
and reborn in the pain.

I make my home, I make my bed
I hope I won’t go back
but every time the light breaks in
and I’m under attack.

The day is new but I am old
as old as my mistakes
my nightmare dwells in sunlight
but my chaotic nightworld waits.

Feigned Absolution

ʎsdoʇ ʎʌɹnʇ ǝpısdn uʍop
feeling all around
A collage of colours lead me astray from
The orange beacons guiding my way

On top of the world I was looking
Free, indestructible, life of the show
Now all


and the cold’s creeping in
Drowning in truth
Dreading reality.

I’ve been here before, I know what’s to come
To savour the numbness my only relief
Constricted, destroyed I will remain
My only way to extinguish the pain.

A Solitary Life

The laughter and liveliness
drown in the silence
as the people and parties
are consumed by darkness.

At first it was lonely
I missed the sight of day
but I came to realise
darkness was okay.

This would not be life of a singer,
This would not be the life of a doctor
This would not be the life of an engineer
This must be the life of a writer.

A solitary life of shadows and pain
it’s not good for the heart
but it’s good for the pen.