It’s not about the destination.


Easy Riders

A smile, a laugh, a tight embrace
the hazy days and loss of pace
a reckless chaos that feeds our soul
that steals our night and takes control.
We lose the sun its rise and fall
a world without time and the cold stone walls
we never look back or say goodbye
we just keep running, chasing the sky.

Is this what it feels like?


Where Is My Mind?

Gasping in the dark
the night is closing in
we lose our sense of self
and feed each other’s sin.

Alone I am a danger
I see the world crack
it splits and opens and pulls me through
my mind is lost in strange taboo.

My chaos is defiant
I revel in the shame
I’m more at home in darkness
and reborn in the pain.

I make my home, I make my bed
I hope I won’t go back
but every time the light breaks in
and I’m under attack.

The day is new but I am old
as old as my mistakes
my nightmare dwells in sunlight
but my chaotic nightworld waits.