She struggled to open her eyes, feeling groggy it took her a few minutes to realise where she was. As she struggled to stand up she watched the desolate horizon as the sun went down.


She couldn’t believe she had slept through the day-how had she been so foolish?

Her heart raced as she tried to think of the nearest shelter, if she didn’t get undercover soon she would be toast. Quickly she gathered her worn down backpack and small but precious water bottle. She ran.

She ran towards the cliffs and she did not stop. So many times she had seen this happen to others, watched from afar wishing she could help but knowing there was nothing she could do. She wondered if there was someone near,watching her and wishing they could help. It didn’t matter now.

As she reached the bottom of the cliffs she heard the familiar screech that made her flinch as it echoed around the valley. She had never left it this late before,never been this close to death. Her whole body shook with terror as she took her first steps onto the rock, desperately climbing and hoping to find somewhere to hide. She noticed her hands were bleeding from the sharp stone but she did not let that stop her, she was so terrified she didn’t even feel the pain.

She was lucky.

There was a small indent in the rock about a quarter of the way up. She had managed to find it and to squeeze herself in. She turned herself around to watch the valley as the last light died.

There they were; black, deformed figures flying towards the rocks. Their screams were painful to the ear and their eyes burned red in the darkness. All Emily could do was pray, pray they wouldn’t find her because she knew that there was no worse way to die-the reapers enjoyed pain, the reapers had no mercy.



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